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The 10,000 Pugmonkey collection is coming soon to Opensea. Pugmonkeys feature over 200 different traits for your amusement including a rich variety of plant hats, various animals and lots and lots of flowers.

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Pugmonkeys NFTs and Comic strip are created by Gareth, a British based architect and designer. They have worked on buildings and designs across the world.  One day they began drawing Pugmonkeys on sticky notepads during meetings... and they couldn't stop! 

  • Why make 10,000 Pugmonkey NFTS?
    NFTS are an exciting new medium for artist, developers and art lovers of all types. They connect people, create new platforms and help build diverse new communities. Creating 10,000 Pugmonkeys is a way to brighten people’s day with fun little monkeys and contribute to this wonderful scene.
  • Where can I buy a Pugmonkey?
    Pugmonkeys will soon be available on Opensea! They are also avaliable to mint on this site
  • How much is a Pugmonkey?
    For the launch day we want to make Pugmonkeys as accessible to as many people as possible. During the initial minting phase the first 1000 - 2000 Pugmonkeys will be free to be mint. The next 5000 Pugmonkeys will be cost 0.003 Eth (+gas) with the final batch being priced at 0.0035 Eth (+gas).
  • Why own a Pugmonkey?
    Owning a Pugmonkey gives you exclusive access to a fun and entertaining piece of artwork. This will soon provide access and discount for merchandise, free giveaways and what will hopefully be many airdrops…
  • Where does the name Pugmonkey come from?
    The name Pugmonkey comes from a combination of my two favourite things...I think you know what they are! I then spent many years doodling what this new creature looks like until eventually there were 10,000 of them.
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